We look forward to welcoming you to The Center for Reproductive Medicine. In order to make the most of your time with us, please read through and complete all of the documents below to the best of your ability. We ask that you send completed documents to CRMAnewpatients@integramed.com 48 hours before your appointment.
While this will give us a head start, we ask that you arrive to your appointment 20 minutes early so that we can complete your registration.
Submitting your paperwork ahead of time will also allow us to put you on the wait list for an earlier appointment.

New Patient Welcome Packet

If you are a new patient at our Mobile, Alabama and Gulf Breeze, Florida fertility clinics please read this letter.

If you are a new patient at our Dothan and Montgomery fertility clinics please read and sign this letter.

In our effort to better serve you and alleviate unnecessary billing confusion we are filing all insurance claims for our patients. Please read and complete our “Valued Patient Letter” in order for us to proceed.

Please Sign

Agreement Forms
Medical Records Release Agreement
Notice of Privacy Acknowledgment

Additional Documents

SART Statistics

Female New Patient Forms

New Patient Registration Form (Fill Out Completely)

Infertility History Form (Fill Out Completely)

Medical Records for Release to Other Physicians or Hospitals (Signature and Witness Required)

Male Partner Forms to be completed

Insurance, Fees for Service, Medical Records Forms (Signature Required)