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We offer a unique New Patient Orientation for those new to IVF treatments. Individuals and their partners are invited to a day-long group fertility session along with other patients at a similar stage in treatment.
The Center of Reproductive Medicine fully supports the work of our military. We are proud to offer special fertility treatment and fertility medication discounts to active and retired members of the military.
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We believe in providing affordable fertility treatments for all couples. Our financial counselors will find the most affordable fertility plan for you.
Our fertility counselors will help you understand and maximize your insurance coverage for your individual fertility treatment plan.
We welcome fertility patients from across the region and around the world. We will help maximize your fertility treatment timelines and appointments from out of town.
Your fertility specialists will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Dr. Koulianos and Dr. Inge customize your fertility treatments with cost in mind.


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What is Elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET)?

Dr. Koulianos explains in depth about what Elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET) is and answers common questions about pregnancy rates, complications, and the ideal candidates for eSET. Learn more about this other method of IVF treatment.

Fertility Treatment and Women's Health

Dr. Inge explains what role should fertility treatment play in women’s health. Dr. Inge describes what reproductive endocrinology is and the process and communication between fertility clinics, fertility specialists, and OB-GYNs.

Financial Counseling and IVF Treatment

Fertility patients that need to go through IVF treatment are introduced to all the programs offered at The Center that range to financial planning, fertility treatment classes, and fertility medication classes.

What to Expect from Fertility Treatment?

"No one part of science, medicine and care is more important than another. The combination is what pays off for fertility patients and is what they should expect from reproductive medicine today." Read more about what should fertility patients expect from fertility treatment as told by the perspective of Dr. Koulianos.