Celebrating more than 29 Years of Excellence and more than 9,000 Babies Born

When Dr. Koulianos was finishing his fellowship in Mobile, Alabama, the Mobile Infirmary approached him about starting a practice to serve the community. Together, they were able to build a practice that he felt the community deserved and that focused on what mattered: where good medicine and great outcomes for patients were more important than the bottom line.

Building a Team Committed to You

The Center for Reproductive Medicine was built around these beliefs and the profound respect that Dr. Koulianos has for those of all walks of life who wish to build the family of their dreams. It was these values and the strong desire to help patients grow their families that attracted Dr. Inge  to join the practice. For Suzanne Delegos, PhD, HCLD, our Lab Director, the reason was much the same. Once this team was together, they knew they would be able to continue to serve the community with the highest quality medicine and compassionate care it deserved.

The CRM Difference

At The Center for Reproductive Medicine, superb patient care and overwhelming compassion are the guiding principles that make our center unique. We understand the need for our patients to feel comfortable and at home in our center, and with our techniques, in order to get through their infertility journey. For this reason, Suzanne Delegos, PhD, HCLD, holds educational sessions with our IVF patients, walking them through the entire IVF process of creating the highest quality embryos possible for each couple. For Dr. Delegos, holding these fertility classes helps to connect with patients .  The sessions offer patients an opportunity to ask questions and a chance to see that the entire CRM team is truly invested in their lives and their future.

For our providers, treating each patient with kindness, compassion, and respect is part of what being a physician is all about. For them, helping patients build the family of their dreams is a calling – one they feel privileged to have been able to answer. This ideal is exemplified by the entire staff at our practice, helping patients feel know when they’re at our clinic, they are part of our family. The bond our team forms with patients is one that carries on for years after they leave our clinic, with many continuing to send messages of gratitude over the decades.

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

Since opening, The Center for Reproductive Medicine has been responsible for over 9,000 babies born to patients all along the gulf coast. By utilizing the most cutting edge treatment practices and tailoring treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs, the team has helped make dreams of family come true for countless men and women in the community. Most recently, they have upgraded their lab with state-of-the-art equipment, such as time-lapse incubators, embryo culture incubators, and the LifeAire air filtration system, resulting in even better outcomes for their patients.

 Let Our Family Help Build Yours

If you have been trying to conceive without success, know that The Center for Reproductive Medicine is here to help you make your dreams of family a reality. Contact us today at 251-438-4200 to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians and take your first step on your path to parenthood.

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