We know that navigating insurance can be complex. The extent to which you will be covered by insurance varies dramatically depending on your insurance carrier, as well as the policy that you or your employer has purchased. Rules, restrictions and coverage can be quite different among policies. We are here to help you. Our financial counselors will work with you to uncover every penny that you are entitled to for your fertility treatment and care.

Benefits and Coverage

Insurance can be complicated. We make every attempt to verify coverage for all of our new patients, and we are here to work through details with you at any time. However, to ensure the best possible outcome, we recommend that you become very familiar with your own policy, particularly the requirements of the infertility-related portions of your health insurance policy. These following steps may assist you as you engage with your insurance carrier:

  • Thoroughly read your policy.
  • Call your carrier and ask for a list of which treatments and medications they cover and which they don’t.
  • Each time you call, be sure to take notes, including the name of the person that you speak with.
  • Ask about any age limits or maximum lifetime benefits.
  • Ask if you need a referral and if so, how to get one.
  • Be sure that you are covered to visit CRM. If not, get the details about which clinics you are covered for.

Don’t Lose Hope

Even if your benefits are not as robust as you had wished, you may still be eligible for coverage for your treatments. Many health plans cover diagnosing infertility, and your plan may pay for semen analysis, blood tests, Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and initial exams.

Once your physician discovers the root of your infertility, you may still be covered if it is considered general medical treatment. For example, if you are diagnosed with endometriosis that contributes to your infertility, you may be covered for surgery to remedy it under general medical treatment.

Here for You

Because of the complexities of insurance, we strongly recommend that you seek the assistance of our financial counselors to evaluate your existing coverage and then explore your options. They will work hard to help you through the financial aspects of treatment and help you realize your dream of having a baby.

Accepted Insurance

The Center for Reproductive Medicine currently accepts most insurance policies and participates in most major managed care plans. Please feel free to contact us or call us at 251-438-4200 if you have any questions about the financial aspects of reaching your goal of family. We want nothing more than to help you create your family.