Fertility Specialists

Everyone on our team believes that we have a special responsibility to treat both your physical and emotional needs when coping with infertility. At The Center for Reproductive Medicine our fertility specialists combine science and medicine to identify any physical problems and solve them. We also treat you with care to relieve the hurt that comes with infertility for both men and women. Our dedicated team of reproductive endocrinologists, nurses, laboratory technicians and support staff are driven to provide the very best experience for you, to support you through your challenges and successes. We look forward to meeting you.

Reproductive Endocrinologists

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Dr. George T. Koulianos

Our founder and medical director, Dr. George T. Koulianos, is as renowned for his expertise and achievements as he is for his easygoing bedside manner.
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Dr. George B. Inge

Dr. George B. Inge will team up with to be at your side and on your side, every step of the way. He is a partner at our Center.

Embryology Team

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Suzanne Degelos

As our Laboratory Director, Suzanne gives special attention to each of the embryos in her care, a sentiment she naturally extends to our patients. She meets personally with each and every IVF candidate before treatment.
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David Hickman

David’s passion for the field was first sparked when he and his wife sought treatment at The Center for their infertility. He is the Technical Supervisor of our lab. Mr. Hickman is an expert in embryo and egg cryopreservation. He has perfected his vitrification procedure to produce an 80% survival rate on embryos with a 50% pregnancy rate.

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You asked and we answered your fertility questions. Learn about the treatments offered at The Center for Reproductive Medicine and why our fertility clinic is right for you.
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At The Center we believe in educating patients about their fertility treatments. Our team of embryologists provide insight into the question of how should a fertility clinic help patients feel they are in control of their fertility treatment?
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Dr. Inge explains what role should fertility treatment play in women’s health. Dr. Inge describes what reproductive endocrinology is and the process and communication between fertility clinics, fertility specialists, and OB-GYNs.
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No one part of science, medicine and care is more important than another. The combination is what pays off for fertility patients and is what they should expect from reproductive medicine today. Read more about what should fertility patients expect from fertility treatment as told by the perspective of Dr. Koulianos.

Our Clinical Team

meet our team staff at Alabama Fertility Clinic
Diane Davis, RN, Chrisite Veasey, RN, Sabrina Sokolowski, RN – IVF Coordinator, Lorna Sullivan, RN, Danielle Gaucher, RN; MT – Donor Coordinator, Kandis Davis, RDMS – Ultrasonographer