When fertility treatments are a part of your journey to family, it is extremely common to feel a full range of emotions while dealing with infertility, and often intensely. At The Center for Reproductive Medicine, we care for your emotional health as well as your physical health as we help you down your path to parenthood.

Our fertility counselors are dedicated to helping you navigate this extraordinary time of your life. They are available at any time during your treatments to speak with you about any emotions that may arise with either partner, or between partners. We offer our patients three complementary sessions to complement your care and offer you support.

How Fertility Counseling Can Benefit You

Fertility Counseling sessions can help you and your partner or spouse:

  • Cope with the normal stresses associated with infertility issues and treatment.
  • Learn strategies to improve communication with friends and family.
  • Evaluate and boost your own emotional health.
  • Talk through options to find the right decision for you.
  • Find the infertility resources you need.
  • Discover small groups to talk peer-to-peer with others.

When to Seek Fertility Counseling

Fertility Counseling is available and recommended for anyone who would like it at any point in their journey. We strongly recommend counseling for the following scenarios:

  • Couples or individuals for short-term therapy related to a particular outcome.
  • After a pregnancy loss or unsuccessful IVF cycle of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).
  • Those considering Therapeutic Donor Inseminations (TDIs).
  • Ending treatment without getting pregnant or a failed IVF cycle.
  • Those pregnant with multiples.
  • Those with a pregnancy via third-party donation (during or after).
  • During pregnancy after a previous loss.