We have dedicated our careers to helping people have babies. The financial aspects of treatment are one of the many obstacles that we are here to help you overcome. Our financial counselors will help you explore the many financial options available to you, including insurance, medical loans and payment programs to help make your treatment affordable.

Financing Your Infertility Treatments

To offer you the widest array of financing options currently on the market, we have developed partnerships with CapexMD and Ally Lending. They allow us to offer you customized loan plans that fit your individual circumstances and help relieve the financial stress associated with treatment.

We understand how personal this journey can be. That’s why we partner with Ally Lending to offer affordable fertility financing solutions, making it easier for you to focus on your path to parenthood.

We have you covered every step of the way by financing the cost of your IVF treatment, medication, genetic testing, and more.

Prequalification with no credit impact

Choose from 24-84-month loan options with flexible payment terms

Annual percentage rates (APRs) starting at 3.99%, one of the lowest in the industry. Our full range is 3.99-21.99%.

Wide range of loan amounts ($750-$40,000)

No application fee, down payment, or penalty to pay off early

Contact Ally Lending’s Dedicated Fertility Team at 1-877-278-0919 or fertility.lending@ally.com

Visit https://www.ally.com/personal-loans/medical-loans/fertility-financing/ to explore your options.

Fertility Financing with CapexMD

CapexMD specializes in patient financing services for all fertility treatment options.

Through our partnership with CapexMD, we are able to offer customized loan programs with highly
competitive rates that include a variety of loan types.

Their simple loan process makes the
experience of fertility financing relatively stress-free.

CapexMD loan programs cover all fertility treatment options — including fertility medications and
genetic testing if necessary — so you can be sure that none of your expenses are left uncovered.
Our financial counselors will work closely with their Fertility Loan Specialists to ensure that your
funds are secured on time and your treatment is not delayed.

Together, we can make sure financial issues do not get in the way of your dream of having a baby.
Some of CapexMD’s many advantages include:
• Specialist in Fertility Financing
• Competitive Rates
• Pre-Approval within 24 Hours
• Highest Confidentiality
• No Prepayment Penalties
• Personal Attention
• Easy and Secure Online Application
• Flexible Terms
• No Annual Fees
• Retain Your Existing Credit Sources

Apply online and receive your pre-approval within 24 hours. Learn more about CapexMD by visiting
their site or by calling 1-888-497-8414.

Fertility Loans

Many patients find fertility loans to be an extremely effective resource because they cover so much of the treatment process – often the entire treatment from diagnosis to medication. There is an array of financial-aid products available which, generally, offer easy application processes, good rates and quick approval notification. For more information on making fertility treatment affordable, please visit Resolve.org.