As your fertility treatment plan is developed to address your unique fertility issues, the costs associated will vary from couple to couple. What is the same across the board is our commitment to helping you have a child. At The Center for Reproductive Medicine, we are here to support your physical, emotional and even your financial well-being. We understand that cost can be a critical component of your decision-making. Once your personalized treatment plan is established, our financial counselors will work with you to maximize your insurance and help you explore an array of financial services that can make your treatment more affordable.

Here to Help You

Navigating the financial aspects of fertility treatments can be trying. We are here to help you. If you have financial concerns, please do let us know. Our financial counselors are here for the sole purpose of helping people to achieve their dream of having a family.

Maximizing Your Insurance

Coverage can vary tremendously depending on the insurance carrier, treatment plan and the state of residence. We will work with you to make the most of any insurance that you have. We will make every attempt to verify your coverage, but for the very best results, we encourage you to please review the infertility coverage sections of your plan and be sure you understand the details of what is eligible and what is not. We also encourage you to speak directly with your insurer to avoid any pitfalls.

 Financing Options and Shared Journey Program

Our financial counselors can introduce you to financing options that can help relieve any financial stress that can come with fertility treatments. To help you control your costs, while increasing your chances of pregnancy, we offer the Shared Journey Program. We are the only center in the region to offer patients access to this valuable resource.