Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples during their lifetimes. Despite how incredibly common infertility is, not many people talk about it and there is plenty of misinformation surround infertility floating around. To combat this, we honor Infertility Awareness Month every April by breaking the silence around infertility. If you or someone you love struggles with this disease but you have never gotten involved in raising awareness about infertility, now is the time! In this post, the fertility experts of The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, Alabama go over five ways you can show your support and help raise awareness for the millions of people who are touched by infertility.

  1. Shout It On Social

Thanks to social media, sharing information is now easier than ever! Use your social platforms to raise awareness about infertility, dispel some of the misinformation surrounding the disease, and even share your own infertility story. Believe it or not, every time you speak out about infertility, the stigma surrounding it decreases. Let others know that they’re not alone.

  1. Take the Time to Give

There are multiple infertility organizations (like RESOLVE) that aim to help those struggling with infertility. These non-profits often offer programs, support, financial resources and more to those with the disease. Donating to organizations like RESOLVE can help them continue to provide the services, support, and resources those with infertility depend on.

  1. Join a Walk of Hope

Every year, RESOLVE hold’s their annual Walk of Hope, along with several concurrent walks in locations across the country. The walk represents the infertility journey that millions of couples embark upon each and every year and serves to remind them that they don’t walk on this path alone. The Walk of Hope helps raise funds to support the services and programs RESOLVE provides while raising awareness of the impact infertility has on families and individuals across the country. No Walk of Hope in your area? Contact RESOLVE to find out how you can host one closer to home!

  1. Get Advocating

Did you know? In several states (including Alabama), there is no mandate requiring health insurance companies cover infertility services, meaning that tens of thousands of couples face high costs when they try to get help in building their family. Currently, the state of Alabama doesn’t mandate fertility coverage, and the lack of state legislation means many of those who need fertility help to build a family simply can’t afford it. But you can make your voice heard. Speak out and get involved in advocacy at the local level, or participate in RESOLVE’s annual advocacy day in Washington, D.C.

  1. Host An Event

The Walk of Hope and Advocacy Day aren’t the only events you can get involved in. During National Infertility Awareness Week (April 21-27), a variety of events – from wine tastings to poker tournaments – are happening all over the country to help raise awareness of and funds for infertility. Want to learn how to host an event during National Infertility Awareness Week? Visit today.

While April is Infertility Awareness Month, it’s not the only time of the year you can raise awareness about infertility – in fact, raising awareness is something that should happen all year round. This month, #HaveAHeart and join The Center for Reproductive Medicine as we join the national movement to raise awareness of the disease that impacts 7.4 million people. If you would like more information on how you can help raise awareness, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our fertility specialists, contact us at 251-438-4200 today.