What is ovarian suppression?

The use of ovarian suppression is a technique that is experimental and is an option for cancer patients. It is the only option that can be performed during cancer treatment. Medications are used to suppress the ovaries and prevent them from producing hormones or maturing eggs until after cancer treatment has finished.

Research Studies about Ovarian Suppression:

What is ovarian tissue freezing?

Ovarian tissue freezing is also an experimental technique but promising option that is good for patients with little or no time for ovarian stimulation before cancer treatment. One of a woman’s ovaries is surgically removed in a one hour outpatient procedure. The ovary is divided into strips, vitrified and stored until cancer treatments are completed. Thawed tissue is then re-implanted and, when successful, the tissue resumes producing hormones and maturing eggs. Several babies have been produced through this method worldwide.

Research Studies about Ovarian Tissue Freezing:

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