Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Dr. Inge and his family had spent years away from their home in the Gulf Coast. Living and working in Washington, D.C. and in Germany had left them homesick – they missed the weather, the amazing people, and the delicious seafood, leading them to return home to Alabama. After spending some time practicing locally in Mobile, Dr. Inge found The Center for Reproductive Medicine and chose to join Dr. George Koulianos and the amazing team at CRM.

“We have a relatively small team,” said Dr. Inge. “We work together, we eat together, we share a lot of our lives together, and we care for each other.  With such a dedicated staff and team, it’s only natural to feel we are family.”

The CRM Difference

This sense of family is part of the reason that so many team members at The Center for Reproductive Medicine have stayed with the practice so long. The amazing practice culture is part of what sets them apart. The sense of community and desire to help others is something the entire team shares. “We are very patient friendly and it is important to us that all our team members all have a good bedside manner with patients.”

At The Center for Reproductive Medicine, patients don’t just get compassionate care – they also get personalized care. “Each patient is a unique and special individual. Only with face-to-face meetings with the doctor and development of a plan for their particular situation and desires, can we hope to give accurate expectations and the best results for each family.”

Helping Those Who’ve Served

At The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, Alabama, current and former members of the military receive special discounts off of IVF cycles, as well as access to programs that make treatment more affordable. For Dr. Inge, giving back to active duty military and veterans is very personal. “My mother was a naval wave officer in World War II and my father an Army infantry officer and prisoner of war in World War II.  I served during peacetime and was discharged honorably as a major in the Army medical Corps.  I always sincerely tell our military families that I appreciate them serving, and I mean it!”

Infertility Treatment – Now and in the Future

When Dr. Inge first began helping patients grow their families, there weren’t nearly as many options. Now, there are so many more options for couples and much higher success rates. But more options also means decisions become more complicated. This is where Dr. Inge and the team step in: “The entire CRM team- from doctors, to embryologists, to nurses and administrative staff – work together to help patients navigate their personal infertility journey and come up with the best plan for their family. ”One of the biggest advancements has been in cryopreservation – the use of vitrification has enabled incredible survival rates for eggs and embryos, giving couples more ways to grow their families.

In terms of the future, Dr. Inge is hesitant to say where he thinks the field of infertility is going. “I don’t feel like I’m very good at predicting the future.  I can only say that we will continue to evolve and grow so we can live up to the CRM promise to provide: ‘The best science, medicine and care for each family’.”

Have you been trying to have a baby without success? Contact us at 251-438-4200 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Inge.