Trying to conceive without success for years can be stressful. Just as stressful? Figuring out how to pay for the treatment that can help you build the family of your dreams. Even for couples who have health insurance, the full cost of fertility treatment can seem daunting. So how can patients make fertility treatment more affordable? The fertility experts at The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, Alabama offer several options to patients looking for ways to make the cost of treatment more affordable.

Understanding Your Insurance

While many patients have health insurance, the majority of insurance plans don’t cover the full cost of fertility treatment. Many plans won’t cover medications or IVF, however, most do cover the initial consultation as well as diagnostic testing such as blood tests and semen analysis. Because of this, it is important for all patients to understand exactly what their own insurance plan will and won’t cover – and also if there are certain circumstances in which something will not be covered. Additionally, things like deductibles and out of pocket maximums can impact the amount you will be liable for over the course of your treatment. Be sure to contact your insurance provider prior to starting treatment to help you minimize your out of pocket costs by fully understanding what your insurance plan will pay for.  At CRM we will also contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and our financial counselor will meet with you to review your options once a treatment plan has been determined.

Financing Treatment

At The Center for Reproductive Medicine’s clinics in Mobile, Pensacola, and D’Iberville, we offer a variety of financing options and fertility loans to patients who need help covering the cost of fertility treatment. Many of these programs offer low-interest financing to patients, covering everything from fertility medications to procedures that are needed to help you build your family. At CRM, we have multiple financing partners that can help you afford the fertility treatment you need to achieve your dreams of family.

IVF Multi-Cycle Discount & Refund Programs

While most couples will not need to undergo IVF in order to achieve a pregnancy, for patients who do need IVF, the cost can seem daunting – especially since immediate success is not guaranteed. For these patients, more than one IVF cycle will often be needed in order to achieve a successful pregnancy. To help patients improve their chances of success while minimizing the cost, The Center for Reproductive Medicine also offers patients multi-cycle discount programs. These programs offer a reduced, set cost for two or more cycles of IVF, as well as up to 100% refund for qualifying patients if you don’t bring home a baby.

Whether you pay for your fertility treatment through your insurance plan, using multi- cycle discount or refund program, financing, or a mix of all of the above, the fertility specialists of The Center for Reproductive Medicine have a team of financial counselors available to help all patients figure out the best way to make fertility treatment more affordable. If you are struggling with infertility and would like additional information on how to make your treatment more affordable, contact us at 251-438-4200.