At The Center for Reproductive Medicine we believe that medicine is more than just a job, it is a calling. Our fertility team strive to do the best for patients in delivering the highest standard of science, surgical skills, treatment, and communication.

To support patients further, our providers have created a series of educational fertility programs for preparation of fertility treatments.

Fertility educational programs offered at The Center for Reproductive Medicine include the following:

Fertility Classes: our team of embryologists are very involved, spending individual time educating and speaking with patients. Dr. Degelos and Mr. Hickman teach classes educating patients about their fertility treatments and what to expect during the IVF process.

Fertility Injection Classes: our team of fertility nurses offer classes on fertility drugs. The fertility injection class teaches patients the following:

  1. What to expect with a specific fertility drug
  2. How a patient is going to feel with a specific fertility drug
  3. What to expect at visits during IVF treatment and fertility treatments

Financial Counseling: our team of financial counselors are here to help find the best financial paths for patients to do IVF and other fertility treatments.

At The Center for Reproductive Medicine we believe in finding the most affordable and viable treatment plans that will obtain a successful pregnancy for couples and individuals.

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