What should fertility patients expect from fertility treatment?

This is told by the perspective of Dr. Koulianos

“Both curing and healing,” replied Dr. George Koulianos

“Curing is solving the problem and conceiving a healthy baby. Healing is relieving the hurt both men and women whether they are successful at having a baby or not.”

“We combine science and medicine to identify the fertility problem and cure it. We acknowledge and apply the humanity we share with our patients and their families as we strive to provide healing. People with infertility are under stress long before they come to a fertility clinic. Most have tried for a year or more to conceive a baby and worked with their gynecologist to improve their chances. But this miracle hasn’t happened for them. They come to fertility treatment with both physical and emotional needs.”

“That gives us a special responsibility to treat both infertility and helping individuals and couples cope with infertility on an emotional level. Patients have an often unspoken but always sensed trust in us that we will help them with both. We believe that it is the responsibility of every one of us to provide our very best in reproductive medicine in fertility treatments and coping with infertility. Trust is precious. It comes from our commitment that we will fight tooth and nail to provide patients the best opportunities to have a baby while helping them cope with the changing feelings of depressions, letting down their spouse, frustration, even pain when they see their friends with their children.”

Searching for and hiring fertility specialists with the same commitment to curing and healing is at the heart of The Center’s practice.

Dr. Koulianos focuses on recruiting, training, and leading a fertility team who share his commitment to both curing and healing. Then giving them the freedom to do their best at science, medicine, and care. He leads them with his own example of identifying with the struggles and joys of fertility treatment.

“I look for physicians, embryologists, nurses and office staff who share my desire to harness cutting edge research and technology with compassion and self-motivation. My fertility partner, Dr. George Inge, knows women’s health needs. He helped women protect their health, managed their pregnancies and delivered their children for 25 years before training in reproductive medicine at the famous Bourn Clinic in England.”

“Our chief embryologist, Dr. Suzanne Degelos, is a PhD who is as interested in people as she is in science. Our nurses are all RNs with special certification in reproductive medicine. Many of them have personal experiences with infertility. Our fertility staff believe in using their technical skills to focus on making the business aspects of fertility medicine easier and helping patients and their families cope with the costs of infertility treatments. All of us will leave no stone un-turned in our quest to help patients with curing and healing. Each of us is an extension of the service of the others.”

“Helping to bring the joy of new life to thousands of parents while helping them put the disappointment of infertility behind them is our mission. We all celebrate when we tell a patient she will have a baby and we all are excited when our new moms bring their children to meet us.”

“Sharing the difficulties and the joys helps patients. In essence we are extending ourselves by not being afraid to share our feelings and emotions. Fertility treatment is straightforward and relatively easy for most patients. For those who need In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) it can be more complicated and challenging because it involves using fertility drugs to stimulate egg production by the ovaries, removal and fertilization of the eggs outside of the body and re-implantation. The fertility drugs can have side effects that feel similar to what women experience in menopause and pregnancy. Careful monitoring of ovarian response is important. Listening and reassuring is important.”

“No one part of science, medicine and care is more important than another. The combination is what pays off for fertility patients and is what they should expect from reproductive medicine today.”

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Our founder and medical director, Dr. George T. Koulianos, is as renowned for his expertise and achievements as he is for his easygoing bedside manner. Read more on Dr. Koulianos.