Fia Roe our office manager and IVF financial counselor explains the first steps and resources offered to those beginning In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment at The Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Fertility patients that need to go through IVF treatment are introduced to all the programs offered at The Center for Reproductive Medicine that range to financial planning, fertility treatment classes, and fertility medication classes.

Initially, fertility patients are presented all IVF treatment plans to best suite their financial situation at their first consultation. All financial aspects of the refund program, multi cycle program, and single cycle program are reviewed and then discussed further based on each case.

Fertility patients are also offered 3 additional resources before or during IVF treatment:

  1. IVF Class: fertility patients can learn more about their IVF treatment plan with embryologist classes covering detailed aspects of what to expect with each fertility treatment and the IVF treatment process.
  2. Fertility Medication Classes: Our team of Registered Nurses additionally offer classes about fertility medications, covering side effects of fertility drugs, and general fertility medication injection instructions.
  3. Fertility Counseling and Support Group: At The Center for Reproductive Medicine we believe in emotional support when dealing with infertility is very important for couples and individuals undergoing IVF treatment. We offer fertility counseling sessions that can help you and your partner or spouse during IVF treatment.
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Our financial counselors will help you explore the many financial options available to you, including insurance, medical loans and payment programs to help make your IVF treatment affordable.
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Making IVF treatment affordable. Multi-Cycle plans at the Center for Reproductive Medicine are administered by Shared Journey.